Deputy Superintendent for Operational Support & Chief Financial Officer

Sonya George, CPA

Administrative Assistant to Sonya George
Edith Alvarado



Executive Director of Budget & Financial Support Services
Julie Lee, CPA, RTSBA

Executive Secretary for Julie Lee
Shea Rodriguez


Name Title Phone Number Duties
Holli Sherrard, MBA Accounting Coordinator 832-386-1120 Coordinate and Oversee Accounting Processes, Financial and Compliance Audits and the Fiscal Procedures Manual
Becky Roberts Senior Accountant 832-386-1016 Bank, Investment and Other Reconciliations
Lily Barcenas Accountant 832-386-1021 Special Revenue Funds
Exel Galarza Accountant 832-386-1250 Student Nutrition Accounting
Laura Robison Senior Accounting Clerk 832-386-1014 Money Handling and Campus Support
Janie R. Salazar, RTSBA Accounting Clerk II 832-386-1013 Fixed Assets and Account Codes


Accounts Payable

Name Title Phone Number Duties
Roxanna Macal, CTSBO Accounts Payable Supervisor 832-386-1023 Supervise and Oversee Accounts Payable Processes, Positive Pay, Sales Tax, and 1099 Processing.
Lisa Oquin Senior Accounts Payable Clerk and Travel Specialist 832-386-1018 Process Tax Refunds, Phone and Utility Payments
Teresa Espino Accounts Payable Clerk 832-386-1019 Process Payments for Vendors A-F
Christine Jolivette Accounts Payable Clerk 832-386-1022 Process Payments for Vendors G-O
Bette Speaks Accounts Payable Clerk 832-386-1481 Process Payments for Vendors P-Z, Office Depot, Sam's Club and Xerox



Name Title Phone Number Duties
Christopher Young, CTSBS Budget Coordinator 832-386-1010 Coordinate with Campus and Department Staff to Develop Budget, Monitoring Transaction Levels to Ensure Compliance with State Mandated Spending, and Maintain Website


Employee Benefits

Name Title Phone Number Duties
Colleen Martin, MS-HRM, ARM, PHR, SHRM-CP Director of Benefits 832-386-1507 Plan Management, Medical Child Support, Affordable Care Act, Deferred Compensation Plans, Wellness Initiatives, and Benefit Enrollment.
Jenny Bernabe Employee Benefits Specialist 832-386-1276 Vendor Payments, Overdue Premiums and Refunds, Child Support, and Benefit Enrollment
Stephanie Soto Employee Benefits Specialist 832-386-1245 Account Reconciliations, Qualifying Events, and Benefit Enrollment


Payroll Services

Name Title Phone Number Duties
Amicha Williams Director of Payroll Services 832-386-1189 Direct and Oversee the Payroll Process
Cathy Ochoa Payroll Specialist 832-386-1271 Payroll Deductions, Teacher Retirement
Lisa Gonzales Payroll Clerk 832-386-1274 Exempt Docks, Exempt Leaves and Absences, Substitute Pay
Anna Salinas, CEOP, CTSBS, CTSBO Payroll Clerk 832-386-1270 Direct Deposit, Exempt Extra Duty, Lost Checks, W-4 Changes
Sarah George Payroll Clerk 832-386-1248 Clock Punch. Non-Exempt Docks, Non-Exempt Extra Duty, Non-Exempt Leaves and Absences
TBA Secretary for Payroll Services 832-386-1273 Changes of General Information, Employment Verifications, General Inquiries



Name Title Phone Number Duties
Adrian Sloan Purchasing Coordinator 832-386-1008 Coordinating the Procurement Process
Lloyd Smith Buyer 832-386-1029 Bid Processing
Keona Robertson Buyer - Student Nutrition 832-386-1283 Bid Processing for Student Nutrition
Mary Flores Purchasing Clerk 832-386-1009 Review/Processing of Purchase Orders
Trini Mendoza Procurement Card Specialist 832-386-1181 Processing of Procurement Card Services
T.B.A. Compliance Officer 832-386-1476  


Tax Office

Name Title Phone Number Duties
Ben Pape, MBA Tax Assessor-Collector 832-386-1290 Direct and Oversee all Tax Operations & Services, Liaison with Harris County Appraisal District
Beatriz Martinez Tax Office Specialist 832-386-1290 Bank Deposits, Internet Payments, Bankruptcy Payments, Liaison with Harris County Departments
Jony Canales Tax Office Clerk 832-386-1290 Collect Taxes, Post Payments, Answer General Inquiries
Belinda Mendoza Tax Office Clerk 832-386-1290 Collect Taxes, Post Payments, Answer General Inquiries