North Shore Middle Students Create Robots at Build It Event

Houston, Texas: In Galena Park ISD, the first Robotics Build It event of the year was held on September 24, 2016 at North Shore Middle School.  Students from nine elementary robotic clubs spent time building and programing EV3 Lego robots, as well as researching and problem solving to master a variety of tasks.

Throughout the school year, district science leaders host in-district robotic exploration days for campuses to bring their teams of students to network, collaborate and practice robotic challenges. Students work together and must learn to function as a team.  The goal is for students to gain confidence and experience in their exploration of math and science.  They are also preparing for an area-wide robotic competition, the All-Earth Ecobot Challenge, to be held in April 2017. This innovative engineering competition engages students in complex problem-solving while developing critical thinking skills and elevating their confidence in formulating solutions to real-world missions.

“It is truly an incredible encounter to see students’ amazement once they realize they can make a robot move all by itself.  This experience engages them in figuring out just how it works and keeps them wanting to learn more,” Jacqueline Moreno, Program Director of Elementary Math and Science said.  “Just by placing commands in the computer and linking it to a robot, a student’s world is forever changed.  The experience will always be a part of their learning.” 

This year, the district team has been selected to host an area-wide Ecobot Practice Day in Galena Park ISD.  Many local districts will visit Galena Park to practice a variety of challenges.

This event is scheduled for January 28, 2017. GPISD is looking forward to offering our learning community the opportunity to discover new possibilities through the world of robotics.


Ecobot Challenge

Pictured: North Shore Middle School students share their creation at the Robotics Build It Event.





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