From the Superintendent's Desk


Administrator Exemplifies Children First - October 10, 2012

Brian K. Allen

Brian K. Allen, associate principal at North Shore Senior High School, has been named 2012-2013 TASSP Region IV Assistant Principal of the Year. Mr. Allen has 18 years experience in education, including seven as a campus administrator.


Mr. Allen has exemplified dedication and passion for student success through his sponsorship of the Mademoiselles and Gents program. This organization was brought to the original North Shore High School on Holly Park to provide opportunities for self-development and preparation for life. Under the leadership of Mr. Allen, the organization accomplished that vision and more. The Mademoiselles and Gents produce young, well-rounded, community service-oriented individuals with strong academic achievements.


As an administrator, he remains passionate about student success. “I’m still here for students and I never want to lose that focus. I will always be an educator and here for students,” said Allen.


“Children first,” is a motto he learned from his campus principal early in his career. “Mrs. [Linda] Sherrard used this motto faithfully when I was a Biology teacher. That motto has remained etched into my career ladder,” Allen said.


As Superintendent, I am proud of all the honors and awards our teachers earn. Mr. Allen is a great example of what happens when, quoting the often-heard mantra of Dr. Shirley J. Neeley, “We keep the main thing the main thing.” Mr. Allen’s focus has been on students and service. I am confident if we continue to focus on what’s best for our students, we will have even more success and recognitions.