From the Superintendent's Desk


GIRLS GET THE "GIG" - November 6, 2012

I have always been proud of our athletic stadium and all the activities it hosts. For 10 years now, we have utilized this fantastic facility to promote student achievement. Our students play their football games, march in their band competitions and compete in their 5th grade Olympiad here at this stadium. Students also run the video cameras, replay and video scoreboard system. They have from the very beginning and I am proud of the job they do and the opportunities it offers them.


This program has helped our students receive scholarships to attend college. Students have also interned at major sports venues in Houston, including Rice Stadium and the Toyota Center. However, this week marks a milestone. At the game held on Friday, November 2, 2012, the video crew consisted of ALL GIRLS! We have always had our female students working at the stadium. In fact, I don't remember ever having a night where all boys worked the stadium. But in this age of technology, gadgets and hands-on learning, boys usually are front and center. This night, the girls got the “gig” and did an excellent job!


I also want to express how much I appreciate their teachers and the athletic directors for providing these opportunities. Without them, none of this would be possible. Go Girls!


Girls Get the Gig

Pictured (l/r): Mariela Benitez, Camera Operator; Maritza Arenas, Replay Technician; Jennifer Marie Martinez, Camera Operator; Dr. Angi Williams, Superintendent of Schools; Phoebe Caudill, Director; Claressa Flores, Graphics Operator; and Lorena Garcia, Camera Operator.